City Ordinances
2010 Revised Ordinances

Note: The City of Sturgeon was first organized in 1856, however the city's records only go back to May 8, 1934.  (There is a copy of a book published in 1894 purporting to contain a codification of the city's ordinances up through May 8, 1934, but the ordinances themselves are missing.)  Because the earlier records are missing, it is unknown if anything has been left out of this current codification.  The City of Sturgeon has attempted to solve this problem by adopting this entire book as a new ordinance, and repealing everything that came earlier (with minor exceptions).

Please remember that it is possible for anything electronic to be easily modified-- sometimes by people with malicious intent.  The Website version will be updated to include subsequent updates that are approved by the Board of Alderman in the form of new ordinances.  However, the paper document is the one that is official.  If a variation appears in the electronic version that is not supported by a paper ordinance, it will be invalid.  Do not rely on the electronic version when something is really important, unless first you compare it to the paper version to ensure accuracy.

These documents have been reviewed for typographical and content errors, however it is possible errors have been overlooked.  At this point the errors are "Official" until they are corrected by a new ordinance.  Please call anything that you think is an error to the attention of the City.

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Table of Contents
Cross-Reference Table
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 1: Index
Chapter 2: Sunshine Law Policy
Chapter 2: Index
Chapter 3: City Administration
Chapter 3: Index
Chapter 3A: Boards
Chapter 3A: Index
Chapter 4: Elections
Chapter 4: Index
Chapter 5: Offenses
Chapter 5: Index
Chapter 6: Water and Sewer
Chapter 6: Index
Chapter 7: City Property
Chapter 7: Index
Chapter 8: City Licenses
Chapter 8: Index
Chapter 9: Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 9: Index
Chapter 10: Nuisances
Chapter 10: Index
Chapter 11: Particular Occupations
Chapter 11: Index
Chapter 12: Health and Safety
Chapter 12: Index
Chapter 13: Manufactured Homes
Chapter 13: Index
Chapter 14: Traffic Code
Chapter 14: Index
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous
Chapter 15: Index
Chapter 16: Fire Limits and ConstructionRegulations
Chapter 16: Index - N/A
Chapter 17: Private Drives
Chapter 17: Index
Chapter 18: Solid Waste Management
Chapter 18: Index
Chapter 19: Development in Flood Plain
Chapter 19: Index
Chapter 20: Building Code
Chapter 20: Index
Chapter 21: Subdivisions
Chapter 21: Index
Chapter 22: Zoning
Chapter 22: Index
Chapter 23: Taxation and Revenue
Chapter 23: Index
Chapter 24: Adult Businesses
Chapter 24: Index
Chapter 25: Deposits, Fees and Charges
Chapter 25: Index

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